Google Event Tracking Builder

Measure and track user interactions with your web contents

Track all the actions you might want measure as event: downloads, clicks, video plays, social share, user engagement etc

Fill in the form

Event category *

the object that was interacted with

Event action *

The type of interaction

Event label

Event label or category

Event value

A numeric value associated with the event

Information and examples

Let's diving into each parameter

The following table gives you a detailed explanation and example of each of the event parameters. To learn more, check out the links in the related resources section below.

Event Category


Typically the object that was interacted with. You can set the default category (ecommerce or engagement) or write a custom one.
Example: 'ecommerce', 'Video'

Event Action


The type of interaction. You can set one of the default action or write a custom one.
Example: 'add_to_cart', 'play'

Event Label

The string that will appear as the event label. Useful for categorizing events.
Example: 'spring_sale'

Event Value

A numeric non-negative value associated with the event.
Example: '42'