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Retrieve Vimeo video image thumbnails in different sizes and quality, caption, title, description, views, rating and more

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What is a Vimeo thumbnail?

How to get and download a Vimeo thumbnail?

A Vimeo thumbnail resource identifies different thumbnail image sizes associated with a video resource.

Is one important factor to make your content stand out! A thumbnail is a reduced size version of an image. This thumbnail is the first thing a person will see when they are browsing and trying to decide which content will give them the best solution or answer to whatever it is they're looking for.

For each video Vimeo provide different thumbnail images with different sizes and quality:

  • Large Thumbnail: 640x360 px
  • Medium Thumbnail: 200x150 px
  • Small Thumbnail: 100x74 px

Vimeo Thumbnail tools also provide information about video title, description, author, author url page, average rating, video counts, lenght and published date.

Click on your preferred video thumbnail image and download file for free.

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