Word counter and analyzer

Word counter and analyzer

This tool help you finding and calculating information about your written content

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Word counter and analyzer

Why this tool? Well, first of all, if you're wondering why you should use an online Word Counting tool, try counting the characters manually.

Before you get to the fifth line you will realize that it is quite complicated and frustrating to say the least.

And then, who would ever want to waste precious time counting the words of a long document when one can easily have the support of an instrument like this? Here is our online counting and word search tool. It's an intelligent word calculator that delivers results, keywords density and social platform validation.

Platform validation

From the character limits of social networks to the requirements of extensive documents in the corporate configuration, if you have been writing words, then you have been operating with text counts, whether you know it or not.

Twitter have the 280 character limit;
Facebook does not allow you to post anything with more than 63.206 characters or even to comment using more than 8.000 characters;
Instagram have 30 characters hashtag limit, 150 characters bio description and 2.200 characters in post which are then truncated at 125;
Blog posts or article, to be ranked higher on Google by his crawler, should be around 1800 words.

You need to be very careful all the time, making sure that the content stays within the limits of these online platforms.

This tool provide you content validation on social network with just one click.

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